Our Final Journey

Pacesetter Parking Lot

Pacesetter Parking lot Offering

On September 22nd we will be taking up an offering for the next stage in our pacesetter campaign which is a new parking lot. This will be able to provide parking for almost 100 cars. We can’t wait to see what God does, but why wait? You can give today! Your blessing of any dollar amount will be much appreciated and will be used to farther the kingdom by providing a parking space for all who attend our church. If you would like to give to this effort just click the button below and in the drop down window select “Pacesetter Parking Lot”

What Does It Mean To Be A Pacesetter?

Websters defines a pacesetter as:  a person, group, or organization that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model to be imitated.  The Apostle Paul makes a profound statement in “1 Cor. 11:1- Follow me as I follow Christ.” As a Pacesetter we recognize that setting the Pace in our families, children, community, and workplace is important.  As a Pacesetter we make a conscious choice and effort get out front and lead.  In early November Pastor Brad shared a “next level” vision for Life Church. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PACESETTER VISION SUNDAY

Stay Up To Date With Our Pacesetter Giving Campaign

December 10th- Life Church Family Pledge Sunday
We believe this is going to be a great day of celebration.  As our church family gathers together, we will each have an opportunity to submit our Pacesetter pledge card.  On this day we believe the future PACE of Life Church will be set and established by men and women who decide to run with the baton for the next generation.

December 4th- Hartselle BZA Approves LIfe Church Hartselle Building plan.
December 6th- Hartselle CBD Approves LIfe Church Hartselle Design plan.
December 10th- Life Church pledge Sunday.
January 21st- Life Church closes on Woodall street property for future parking lot.
May 6th- OX Cart Offering.  (Numbers 7)


Why are we renovating our facility?

It’s about people. Since Life Church began, our focus has been on helping people come to Christ and grow in their faith. As a result of this, our weekend services are continuously growing and moving forward. We are out of room and need more space to continue serving and ministering to the needs of our growing church family and the community.

What is Pacesetter Campaign?
PACESETTER is a building campaign to raise the money needed to renovate located on Main Street in Downtown Hartselle.  Completion of this project will allow us to reach over 3 times as many people.
Where will the church meet during renovation?

We will be meeting at the Sparkman Civic Center on Sundays at 9am and 11am. 

406 Nanceford Road SW

Hartselle, AL 35640

How can I give?
We believe your investment will translate into lives and hearts being transformed. There are multiple ways to contribute.

1- Online at HERE
2- Text to give by: Texting the number 84321, dollar amount, then word pacesetter
3- During any of our worship services mark your contribution envelope “Pacesetter Building”.